TESTIMONY is an aggregation of vocalists and instrumentalists, mostly from Mt. Level Missionary Baptist Church in Durham, NC. The group has experienced a calling to the ministry of sharing this music. They are survivors, and they can’t help but testify!



  • Sopranos
    • Alma M. Jones
    • Felicia Lane-Carter
    • Joyce Dawson O’Rourke
    • Miriam Phillips
    • Ninitia Pollard
    • Lynne Williams
  • Altos
    • Mary Flounoy
    • Sandra Harper
    • Thea Jones
    • Cathy Lyons-Mangum
    • Mary Scott
    • Terri Waller
  • Tenors
    • Geraldine Bankston Clay
    • Roderick Gooch
    • Gregory Holliday
    • Jerome Waller
Felicia Lane-Carter
Jerome & Terri Waller
Rev. Miriam Phillips







  • Phil Bingham, Piano
  • Raymone Garnes, Bass Guitar
  • Justin Jefferys, Organ
  • Cornell Wright, Percussion


Phil Bingham
Justin Jefferys






Cornell Wright
Raymone Garnes


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